Since 1993


Andrea Montelpare SpA is a point of reference in the international world of children’s footwear, and a leader in the luxury fashion sector. An Italian production company which is completely specialised in the creation of high-quality shoes, small masterpieces dedicated to young children, and which boasts a important portfolio, producing some of the best brands on the market. The style, the exceptional levels of manufacturing and the undeniable quality and fashionability of production are the main driving forces of the development of the company, which shows no signs of stopping. Development which consolidates tradition through a pronounced inclination towards evolution.

A high level vision


A tapestry of success, responsibility, growth, recognition, luck and goals.

All indissolubly tied to the life and the personal challenges of one man. Inevitably moved by the passion and the humanity of an entire region.

On the one side is a man, a second-generation entrepreneur, born in Fermo, and always on the move. A person of very solid principles, an open-minded manager. Young and visionary, brave and intelligent.

On the other is a region – The Marches – infused with tradition, creating beauty, working with passion, seeking well-being for itself and for others. A community with a pragmatic, devoted and wise soul.

Both believe in “work as a civil religion”, in the “family as an asset”. They are convinced that “one does not win alone or for themselves”. They are united by a profound social undertaking.

They are a shining example of a creative and fresh approach to children’s fashion and are famous for their ability to create children’s shoes which are rich in personality, created with traditional artisan mastery. A balance of the most authentic and original creativity that has made Italian design so important worldwide, with its most ethical style, its most substantial image.

An example of excellence and a eulogy to intrinsic values, in continuous growth.

The Marches, In Italy


Since the beginning, in 1993, the founder and CEO Andrea Montelpare has characterised the company with a priceless patrimony of knowledge, professionalism and competence specific to the sector, a direct consequence of the passion and profound sense of gratitude that trulytie him to his place of origin. Fermo, in The Marches, the most important industrial district for footwear in Italy, where the entrepreneur was born and raised.

An irremediably competitive advantage tied to the specific geographical context in which the company operates originates from its most important asset: the people. This area is the exclusive home to shoemakers blessed with exceptional manual skills, able to carry out a level of artisan work without which it would be impossible to design and create unique products of such extraordinary quality.


The deeply rooted presence in this territory renders possible an ideal blend of industrial productive approach and the knowledgeable use of typically artisan stages of work, in which manual contribution still prevails.

There are many workshops and small production lines – the majority of which are directly owned – which harmoniously integrate with the chain of production with extreme flexibility under the close supervision and quality control of the company. Further evidence of the excellent shoemaking tradition of the territory.

Globally oriented


The organisation, the ability to combine tradition and innovation, as well as consolidated experience in the high-end market evolved over 25 year of activity all place the company at the very top, among world players.

The baggage of experience that the head of the company carries allows for the personal supervision of the products throughout the various stages of manufacture – from the selection of the raw materials to the modelling, the construction, and the finished product – and for the direct management of relations with clients throughout the world.

A wide-ranging commercial policy has lead ANDREA MONTELPARE not only to dominate the luxury segment of the domestic market – his footwear has long been present in prestigious specialised Italian shops – but also to quickly conquer the most demanding of clients in important international markets both within and outside of Europe.

Very carefully-made childrens shoes – designed and made as an essential combination of style and comfort, research and tradition – enhance the displays of the most refined international Specialist Shops and Department Stores, from Europe to the United States, from Russia to Middle Eastern countries, to Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea.

Prestigious locations all around the world which lend more lustre to a continuously growing company, a tireless and proud ambassador for prestigious products that are Made in Italy. Perfect for the most cosmopolitan and demanding clients who are simply used to choosing the best.