Andrea Montelpare SpA gets the “Best Value Award”

Best Value Award goes to ANDREA MONTELPARE SpA

Best Value Award goes to ANDREA MONTELPARE SpA

The Fermo’s shoe factory among the companies of the Marche that grow faster.

Fermo – Andrea Montelpare SpA, Marches leading footwear company in the world for the production of children’s shoes in the luxury fashion segment, is among the 12 companies in the Marche region that received the Best Value Award 2018.

These are the 12 awarded companies: Volley Lube (Mc), Transadriatico Società Cooperativa (Ap), Andrea Montelpare (Fm), Cosmetal (Mc), Rodo Firenze (Mc), Civitanavi System (Fm), Romana Costruzioni (Mc), Fratelli Guzzini (Mc), Gallery Holding (Pu), Renco (Pu), Paima (An), Lube Industries (Mc)

The award (“for the ability to generate adequate profitability compared to the capital employed”) was withdrawn by the founder and CEO Andrea Montelpare in front of the audience of businessmen attending a ceremony held at the headquarters of the Cassa di Risparmio di Jesi Foundation.

The Best Value Award was established by the Cassa di Risparmio di Jesi Foundation as part of the initiatives aimed at supporting and enhancing the excellence of the local production sector.

The prestigious award identifies the entrepreneurial realities that have distinguished themselves for the value created in the two-year period 2016-2017. It rewards companies that grow faster in terms of growth in value, not those that express the highest value in absolute terms.

Andrea Montelpare SpA has distinguished itself among the companies of the Marche region, ranking third overall in its turnover class and being among those with the greatest capacity to generate financial value.

This result was achieved following an analysis of the balance sheets of over 6,700 companies in the Marche region (including 3,557 that showed a positive value) by the strategic advisory firm Network Advisory, divided into 4 categories in relation to the value of turnover. (mr)

“We are pleased to see how many Marches companies are healthy and able to accelerate their performances in a limited period of time. In fact, in order to compete in increasingly global and changing markets, our companies need feline qualities: intelligence and agility to seize the opportunities that arise. Be like the cheetah, which surprises its prey, capturing them after very short pursuits. “

Andrea Montelpare

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