Our friend Ilaria di Vaio tells us on of a wonderful day spent strolling in the nature of Umbria with its little Matilde.

Every week can’t wait the Saturday comes. In fact, Saturday is the day when we can be all three together and doing different things than usual. This time we visited a lovely farm near Lake Trasimeno, Farm Antica Dogana. Laura was there to greet us and, showing a lot of passion, he explained how the animals are raised, what it is their origin and how they are being looked after. Before starting, i have been privileged to feed a little lamb but, unfortunately, we have not taken any pictures, it was truly exciting and Matilde was enchanted. Then we petted horses, ponies, donkeys; listened to the verses of the Silkie chickens (from now, my favorite !!), the Dutch chickens and we saw the swagger of a turkey that, strutting around, took care to show us his plumage. We did not get the goats too close cause there was a male goat very protective and quarrelsome; Doves cooed for us all the time. There were rabbits, pigs also… but do not forget the sweet and old Morgana, the horse that, patiently, brought out Matilde. She seemed performing in a race, it was really funny!!! The thing that always amazes me is the profound harmony that is created between animals and children. It was more than obvious that they understood to have, in front of them, a creature small and helpless. They welcomed the little hand of Matilde without fear, letting it petting as much as possible.

Well, i highly recommend an experience like this, we will definitely repeat it,

A big hug xx

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