ERMANNO SCERVINO, JUNIOR SHOES ON LICENCE TO ANDREA MONTELPARE. Signature of a licence agreement for the 3-year period 2016-2018.

The Ermanno Scervino maison is delighted to announce the signature of an agreement for the production and distribution on licence of the Ermanno Scervino Junior brand footwear with Andrea Montelpare Spa, leader in the high-end of the kids’ shoes segment.

Starting from the FW16-17 season, Scervino will entrust to Montelpare the production and distribution of shoes designed for girls aged 0-14, coordinated with the brand’s apparel and accessories.

The Andrea Montelpare firm has its HQ in Fermo in the core of the shoemaking district of the Marches, the leading district in the world for outstanding footwear. Now, with the quality expertise of the Hand-Made in Italy boasted by Montelpare, Scervino’s continual interplay between knowledge and experimentation materialises in a product that combines craft excellence and innovation..

We are launching this collaboration for shoes with the greatest enthusiasm, melding as it does love for beauty with a special attention towards international customers. We have no doubt at all that Andrea Montelpare’s devotion to quality will be eminently capable of interpreting the creative spirit of our collections, enhancing and symbolically rounding off the Ermanno Scervino Junior total look.

Toni Scervino, CEO of Ermanno Scervino

“Ermanno’s style is a school of Italian elegance projected into the world,” agrees Andrea Montelpare , founder and CEO of the namesake footwear company, expressing the immense satisfaction about the launch of the partnership. “We have held Scervino in the greatest esteem from the very start, and we share the values of craft tradition, luxury and the contemporary touch that are the true hallmarks of the Maison’s style code. We shall place all our know-how at the service of his impassioned creative research.”

The collection will be presented on preview in Florence at the forthcoming Pitti Immagine Bimbo, and immediately afterwards in Milan at the Andrea Montelpare showroom.

The distribution will commence from the Fall/Winter 2016/2017 season in the Ermanno Scervino Junior shop in shops within the brand’s own numerous boutiques, in luxury department stores and in the finest footwear and fashion boutiques the world over.

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