Fermo, 22 April, 2016 –

The ceremony of merit awarded to Andrea Montelpare as a part of a series of meetings with the entrepreneurs of the area created by theCentro Studi “G.B. Carducci” and combined with the Premio Plauso – Città di Fermo was held today at the Mayor’s Office in the magnificent Palazzo dei Priori of the City of Fermo.

The first event, entitled “Professional and human portrait of an entrepreneur”, has seen starring Andrea Montelpare, that from lively enfant terrible has become a tireless and forward-looking leader of the footwear industry for children based in Fermo, now famous throughout the world.

They were infact the president of the Centro Studi Guido Tascini and the major of Fermo Paolo Calcinaro to mark the importance of the sense of belonging to the territory, remembering how many are men and women who have kept their roots firmly in the Fermo area and becoming its ambassadors in the world through their profession or their art.

The varied biographical and professional story of Montelpare (who is celebrating his 50th birthday and the 25th anniversary of his company) was hatched by the business consultant Anna Censi, who did not fail to emphasize the characteristics of the person who made Montelpare the successful man he is, including curiosity, dynamism, innovation, relationship skills, diligence in commitment.

Among the key steps emerged in outlining the company’s success factors : the transformation of the family workshop in the company, civic and community engagement, the foresight in acquiring the production and distribution of brands licensed, the orientation to international markets.

The numerous personalities present at the meeting did not miss testimonies of esteem and affection, in a pleasant alternation of unpublished stories, data, anecdotes and interventions of journalists and friends.

And it was also an opportunity to touch several topics: from how to build innovative companies with divergent intelligence from traditional know-how, how to adopt business models capable of successfully managing the generational change; pride of living in a generous land by the changing dynamics; the need to turn this love of the land in the ability to tell it well, to generate attractiveness and economic development.

Speaking of the younger generation, it has finally remembered how schools can play a central role in encouraging young people’s awareness and stimulate the desire of doing business, a desire to distinguish that Montelpare early age had already strong inside.

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